WOOLOOLOO Moves Up to Win the Super MILLION$ From Seventh in Chips

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The United Arab Emirates’ “WOOLOOLOO,” a virtual unknown in the $10,300 buy-in tournament, came from seventh in chips (26 big blinds) to win the tournament and walk away with $363,836. That, however, is precisely what transpired.

Based on the final table chip counts, it appeared as though Pavel Plesuv would win the GGPoker Super MILLION$. While his closest competitor had 72 big blinds, Plesuv entered the final table with 169 big blinds.

Results of the GGPoker Super MILLION$ final table

2Barak WisbrodIsrael$285,278
3Pavel “EzzzGame” PlesuvMoldova$223,682
4Alex “FutureofMe” KulevIreland$175,385
5Zombie ChowMontenegro$137,517
6Juan Pardo DaminguezAndorra$107,825
7Justin BonomoCanada$84,544
8Rodrigo Seiji SirichukBrazil$66,289
9Benjamin RolleAustria$51,976

At 6:00 p.m. GMT on November 22, the nine-handed final table were shuffled up and dealt, with Jeff Gross and special guest Jonathan Little keeping an eye on things and offering expert insight throughout the 3.25 hours of play.

Juan Pardo Dominguez, with a low stack, got it all in preflop with pocket eights against Plesuv’s better pocket queens and spiked a full house on the river, giving the commentators something to talk about right away.

Half an hour later, at the 25,000/50,000/6,000a level, Benjamin Rolle was the first player eliminated after open-shoving for 355,360 chips with ace-ten. After three players folded, Rodrigo Seiji Sirichuk in the small blind made the call with pocket tens. Roll was eliminated after the tens held.

Since Sirichuk was the following finalist to be eliminated, he did not have much of a chance to use Rolle’s chips. When the blinds reached 35,000/70,000/8,500a, Sirichuk min-raised from late position with ace-eight of clubs and Plesuv called from the big blind with six-deuce of spades. There was sure to be some momentum on the table with a flop of 784 with two spades. When Sirichuk bet 168,000, Plesuv checked and then check-raised all-in. Sirichuk hesitated for a while before calling off his stack of 1,237,197 chips. The turn queen of spades killed Sirichuk’s draw.

When the dangerous Justin Bonomo busted in seventh place, the anonymous player “WOOLOOLOO” was sitting pretty with almost 3.2 million chips. From the small blind, Bonomo shoved in his final 7.5 big blinds with ace-five, and Barak Wisbrod quickly called, as you would if you were handed pocket kings. After pairing his five, Bonomo was unable to find any more ways out. GG.

Two straight aces for WOOLOOLOO

Two straight aces for WOOLOOLOO

Dominguez finished in sixth place and had the first perfect score of 1000 points at the competition. The fate of the situation was changed by a single hand. From the small blind, Dominguez three-bet all-in for 2,377,132 after WOOLOOLOO min-raised to 200,000 with pocket aces. Of course, I heard WOOLOOLOO right away. Dominguez was sent to the locker room after WOOLOOLOO flopped a set and turned a boat.

Instantly after that, “Zombie Chow” ripped in his 11.5 huge blind stack from under the gun with king-jack. For the second hand in a row, WOOLOOLOO woke up with pocket aces, making the call an easy one. Even though Zombie Chow flopped a jack, WOOLOOLOO called, and their aces held. Although they started the round in seventh place, WOOLOOLOO amassed the most chips among the final four.

With the unexpected passing of former champion Alex “FutureofMe,” there are now just three of them left. With ace-queen, Plesuv upped the minimum to 280,000, and Kulev made it 1,302,000 with ace-five of clubs, leaving himself 1,400,300 down. When Plesuv moved all in, Kulev made the call. When the flip came a queen, Kulev needed running fives to keep his Super MILLION$ position. Kulev was knocked out of the game when the turn was a five but the river was one pip higher.

Even though Plesuv had regained the chip lead, he was still the second player to leave the table. As a result of a devastating pot loss with ace-jack against ace-king of WOOLOOLOO, Plesuv is now down to fewer than 7.5 large blinds. With less than five large blinds left, he attempted a stand with jack-nine but was defeated by WOOLOOLOO’s king-ten. Plesuv’s life was on the line as he drew a king as the door card, and the turn killed his chances of survival.

WOOLOOLOO had a commanding chip edge of 9,879,537 to 8,020,463 against Wisbrod heading into heads-up play, and they never surrendered that lead. WOOLOOLOO held an 8-to-1 advantage going into the last hand thanks to a combination of aggressive play and unlucky card draws. Wisbrod shoved his little stack all in with nines and eights, and WOOLOOLOO called with queens and sixes of clubs. Wisbrod’s king-high board wasn’t good enough to save him from losing, so he had to settle for the $285,278 runner-up reward while WOOLOOLOO took home $363,836 and the title of Super MILLION$ champion.

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