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The amount of money in Oliver Weis’ GGPoker account was $353,673 more when he woke up today compared to a few days earlier. Why? Because he is the most recent superstar to win the GGPoker Super MILLION$ competition.

This week’s Super MILLION$ attracted 174 participants, generating a prize fund of $1,740,000 as a consequence. Weis won the majority of the more than $1.4 million that was set aside for the final table.

Results of the GGPoker Super MILLION final table

1Oliver WeisAustria$353,673
2Vladimir “GEOMETRIYAEMILY” MinkoMexico$277,310
3Eelis ParssinenFinland$217,434
4Ravid GarbiIsrael$170,486
5Andrei “Mr-Doberman” NikonorovRussia$133,676
7Johannes “Hazes” StraverAustria$82,182
8Rodrigo SirichukBrazil$64,437

“spaise411,” a player from Russia, had the second smallest stack when he sat down at the final table, but he was the first finalist to leave the room. From under the gun, spaise411 open-shoved for or 469,596 with ace-ten when the blinds were at 25,000/50,000/6,000a, which resulted in the elimination of three players. Mr. Doberman himself, Andrei “Mr. Doberman” Nikonorov, checked his hand and then flat-called. After Nikonorov’s king-kicker was played, spaise411 was nowhere to be found.

Rodrigo Sirichuk of Brazil finished in eighth place following a deep run that ended when he pushed for 16 large blinds from the small blind with eight-six suited and Ravid Garbi called him from the big blind with king-queen. Ravid Garbi had the best hand at the time. No one at the final table was able to improve their position, and as a result, one player was eliminated.

Johannes “Hazes” Straver finished in seventh place and with the final score in the five-figure range. Vladimir “GEOMETRIYAEMILY” Minko opened the betting with a min-raise to 140,000 with pocket sevens. Straver then three-bet to 560,000 with pocket sixes from the small blind, leaving himself only 94,012 chips behind. Minko then forced Straver to call all-in with his hand. Straver called, but never kept up with the rest of the field, and soon there were only six players left at the table.

With the loss of “Joyeux,” the final table now consists of five players instead of six. “Joyeux” was eliminated when Garbi made a min-raise to 160,000, and then Weis called in the cutoff. Garbi shoved with pocket jacks, and Wies dived out of the way, having folded ace-eight suited. Joyeux pushed all-in for 932,635 with what turned out to be ace-queen, and Garbi shoved with pocket jacks. Because Garbi’s jacks held, Joyeux was forced to settle for a score of $104,813 and was eliminated from the tournament.

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Nikonorov finished sixth in the event when a duel with Weis did not go as planned

Blinds were 40,000/80,000/10,000a, and Weis opened with pocket tens to 160,000. With pocket queens, Nikonorov three-bet all-in for 1,763,132, and Weis called. Nikonorov appeared to be on his way to winning the highest pot of the final table thus far, as his queens were a huge favorite preflop. Nikonorov flopped the top set, but it was all clubs, and Weis had the ten of clubs. Nikonorov needed the board to pair or give him quads after the jack of clubs turn, but the river bricked and his involvement was ended.

The final four struggled for the better part of an hour before something gave. With pocket tens, Garbi raised to 240,000, Weis opted to jam with king-nine, and Garbi called off his 2,050,037 stack. Weis put his king on the flip, which was enough to send Garbi to the showers.

When Eelis Parssinen crashed out, a warning was issued. Weis raised to 280,000, Parssinen three-bet to 1,218,000, and Weis raised again to 2,156,000. Weis snapped when Parsinnen slammed for 5,505,478. It was ace-queen for Parssinen of Finland, but pocket kings for Weis. Weis had a full house, and Parssinen’s search for a Super MILLION$ championship is still ongoing.

That hand provided Weis a massive chip lead over Minko going into the one-on-one match; Weis had 14,776,679 to Minko’s 2,623,321. Weis made it 280,000 to go with ace-king on the fourth hand of heads-up play, Minko three-bet to 910,000 with the dominant king-ten of diamonds, only for Weis to push all-in. Minko folded the 2,848,721 chips he was holding. Weis flopped an ace but needed to fade a diamond flush draw to become the newest GGPoker Super MILLION$ champion, which he achieved.

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