Three Poker Mistakes Newcomers Make

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One of the finest aspects about poker, especially in the twenty-first century, is the variety of ways in which it may be discussed. With the game of poker, there used to be just one or two people who could understand what you were saying. The capacity to talk poker has developed in the twenty-first century (especially with the introduction of the internet). It has been extremely beneficial for newbies to the game to be able to tap into the thoughts of those with some arena expertise.

One of the poker groups I belong to recently posed an excellent question: What are some of the most common mistakes that a newbie to the game of poker might make? I could have come up with a long list, but these three were the ones that sprang to me first. I’ll put those three errors here, and I’d love to hear what others make of them and what they believe they should add.

1. Too Obsessed with Big Pairs

A beginner to poker understands the fundamentals of the game. They are well-versed in the “top ten” hands – pocket Aces, pocket Kings, A-K, pocket Queens, and so on – and when they receive these cards, you can practically see their heart rate increase. The problem is that these beginners become overly enamored with these large pocket pairs, which is likely the most serious of the three faults a newcomer to poker can make.

A beginner player will believe that these hands are unstoppable and will play them far too aggressively, whether they are Aces, Kings, or Queens. Sure, a higher pocket pair is an 81/19 favorite over a lower pocket pair pre-flop, but it is hardly the end of the game. You must be able to play out the board, the whole run of the five cards that comprise the board, and make key decisions along the way.

Is a flush draw available? Is he a straight? Does my opponent like setting mine? What are the chances that my opponent will play a suited connector? These are just a few of the thoughts that a player must have, whether they are a seasoned veteran or a newbie to the game.

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A novice player won’t pay attention to what is happening at the table. They won’t be aware of important information like as when to open their blinds, when the action is on them, or when someone has been promoted in front of them. Regardless of whether you are in the hand or not, you should ALWAYS be paying attention to the table activity since it will keep your mind engaged and prevent the other players from loathing you to death!

3. Keeping Hand Too Long

A novice poker player will frequently cling onto hands for too long and lose more money (or, in a poker tournament, more chips). Yes, you have a one in three chance (approximately) of making a flush by the river if you hold a four flush (four of the same suit) on the flop. You ALSO have a one in three chance of making your straight if you have an open-ended straight draw.

You need to consider how much it will cost you to view the river and the bend. It is crucial at this point to be aware of your hand’s chances of success and to compare them to your opponent’s stake size. Sometimes, you are given the appropriate odds (either explicit or implicit) to proceed with a hand. A crucial point to keep in mind is that you won’t be able to continue at that table for very long if you are losing two out of every three hands since you will be out of money. Because of this, you must exercise caution while making those choices and avoid holding onto one for too long.

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