Online Poker’s Benefits and Drawbacks

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What is better: online poker or live poker? is one of the queries I receive the most. People typically ask me a lot of questions about my job in the poker business when they learn that I work in it. The players, the casinos, and the game itself are all factors at different times.

That is a challenging question. Despite the fact that they are both the same game in and of itself, they play quite differently. Both forms have advantages and disadvantages, and the only way to determine which is better suited to a particular person’s style than the other is by experience. But after giving it some consideration, I was able to list a few benefits and drawbacks, starting with the online game.

Benefits of Online Poker

The fact that online poker may be played at any time is a major plus. It doesn’t matter whether you reside in a place without a casino or poker room; you can always find a game to play online. Some people who live alone have found that playing video games online is a great way to maintain social connections.

The online game also does not necessitate a large financial outlay on your part. Unlike in “brick and mortar” casinos and poker rooms, the internet game allows for far higher bets. If you’re looking for a $.01/$.02 No Limit Hold’em cash game, you won’t find one at the Bellagio. Will the Borgata be hosting an hourly $1 rebuy tournament for its customers? Not having to have a lot of money on hand to play is a major benefit of online poker so what now? Visit OKBET now! (but we will see this can be a bad thing too).

The low entry barrier means you may practice without fear of ruining your financial stability. If you want to improve your out-of-position play, all you have to do is engage in hands where you are out of position versus other players (who will hopefully assist you out). Or perhaps you’re looking to switch things up from your typical “tight is correct” game and instead try out a “loose-aggressive” routine. This is a cheap approach to test out the strategy with your present level of gaming expertise.

Last but not least, if you suffer from agoraphobia or simply don’t feel like getting dressed, playing poker online can be the ideal option for you. When you’re online, no one can tell that you’re actually just lounging around in your pajamas. As an added bonus, you may play in the comfort of your own home, where you can unwind as much as you like before each game.

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Drawbacks of Online Poker

The realm of online poker, like most things in life, has drawbacks.

For starters, it is a MUCH quicker game than you would find in a casino or poker room. You may get thirty hands every hour in a casino or card room. When you play online, you’ll get at least double, if not triple. This gap in play speed is something that some players struggle with (and that can be said both ways, whether going from online to live or vice versa).

The speed of play in an online game is merely faster since you don’t have to wait for anything. You don’t have to wait for the dealer to shuffle, for players to make decisions (a clock in online poker will count down and muck individuals if they don’t play), or for blinds or antes to be placed. All of these factors contribute to a faster speed of play and, certainly, more hands crossing the table.

Because you’re playing more hands, you’ll notice more “weirdness.” Big hands will be defeated more frequently by those playing pure rubbish. Aces vs Kings or other coolers will become more common. It’s not that the online poker facility is “rigging the cards,” it’s just that in an eight-hour game, you may theoretically witness up to 800 hands…there will be some abnormalities in the mix.

Second, it’s a sterile game. For better or worse, online participants used to communicate with one another using chat windows. That is no longer the case. So, if you enjoy the social side of poker, which is one of the benefits of coming to a casino or poker club, the online game will NOT provide you with that experience.

Three, getting money on and off might be difficult at times. For myself, I’m always more concerned about getting my money OFF the site – if you’re a winning player, that should be your priority. If you have to go through hoops to get money on the site and have LONG delays getting it off (this can also represent the site’s dependability and integrity), online poker may not be for you.

Finally, you must accept the fact that participants in an online game will play what they will play, which sometimes goes against the grain of poker. People will do strange things if the inter-personal interactions between players are eliminated – you’re not looking directly at a person, you’re not receiving any “tells,” you’re not smiling and joking (or looking to metaphysically murder your opponent). They’ll play that 8-3 off-suit because YOU are in the hand, and they remember when you were in a hand with a J-4 because four players limped to your large blind and you smashed their pocket Kings. Some of what happens in online poker is illogical.

Online poker is a fun game to play. However, there are some things that individuals simply cannot get into with that type of game. If you want to play poker online, it depends on what you’re searching for.

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