Fabio Peluso wins ‘The Opener’ at WSOPE 2022 PLO Helmut Phung

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The Opener has now been closed

After the event, Peluso stated that he has only been playing poker professionally for approximately two years, and that it has only been over the past year that he has begun to place more of an emphasis on live events, having previously been largely an online player. According to the poker database maintained by TheHendonMob, Peluso now has over $460,000 in live tournament profits. These earnings have all come during the summer of last year, indicating that he has made the most of his professional turn as rapidly as possible.

The first tournament of the 2022 World Series of Poker Europe, known as the €350 buy-in No-Limit Hold’em “The Opener,” may have begun Monday’s Day 3 with more participants than were initially scheduled, but it nonetheless concluded in the same place, with a winner being crowned as the first champion of the Series. Italian player Fabio Peluso emerged victorious from a field that included over 2,400 competitors to win the World Series of Poker gold bracelet and the first-place reward of €95,670. This was Peluso’s first gold bracelet in his WSOP career.

Even if this is Peluso’s first major victory, the amount he has won is not his highest to date. This came about as a result of his finishing in second place in the main event of the France Poker Series held at EPT Monte Carlo in April, when he won a total of €217,340.

After the triumph, he shared his thoughts with WSOP.com, saying, “I have been studying a lot and debating places with my poker pals.” “And of course, having a nice run helps out as well.”

The fact that not only did Peluso win a place in the 2023 Tournament of Champions, but also the top six finishers all got seats in the €10,350 World Series of Poker Europe Main Event is one of the interesting things about the competition. Peluso won a berth in the 2023 Tournament of Champions.

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PLO is dominated by Phung

On Monday, the field of 566 players in Event #2: €550 Pot-Limit Omaha 8-Max was cut down to nine players for the final table. As I write this on Tuesday, Helmut Phung of Germany has just won the event and his first-ever bracelet at the World Series of Poker (WSOP).

Phung entered the final table play as the chip leader in a race that was extremely tight. He had 3.5 million chips, putting him in a tiny lead over his compatriot Pascal Foged, who only had 2.925 million. When Tuesday rolled around, Martin Almaas was the only other player to have more than 2 million in chips in their possession. In point of fact, there were only two more players with more than one million.

And in the end, the three players who had amassed the most chips were the only ones left in the competition. Following Foged’s elimination in third place, Phung took a huge chip edge into heads-up play versus Almaas. At that point, Phung was sitting on 11 million chips. Almaas had 8 million.

Phung was simply too far ahead for Almaas to make a significant move without being really lucky, therefore the match was gone rather fast.

On the last hand, Phung made a pre-flop bet of 360,000 and Armaas called it. Armaas won the pot. Both players checked to bring about the Ad on the turn after the flop revealed an all-heart A-T-4 combination. After Phung placed a stake, Almaas pushed all-in for 1.8 million and checked his cards. Phung called promptly and presented K-9-6-6 with three hearts for the nut flush in order to complete the transaction. For a worse flush, Almaas had 8-7-7-6, as well as three hearts in his hand. Because he was unable to hit a seven on the river when he needed it to stay alive, Helmut Phung was able to win both the pot and the tournament.

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